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From Russia with Love

22 September 2016

As the world’s leading safer surfacing company, Playtop is delighted to showcase the brand’s first project in Russia.

New Park is Playtop’s new licensee for Russia, and they’ve been causing quite the stir with their recent projects including an impressive installation for Severnoe Tushino in North-West Moscow.

Comprising of two playgrounds, one fitness space and a miniature football pitch, New Park covered 150m2 in Playtop with Nike Grind to create a bright, bold and yet safe play surface – this is particularly important when you consider that Russia is outside of the EU safety requirements for playground installations.

New Park will focus on Playtop’s partnership with the world-leading sports brand Nike and promote Playtop with Nike Grind surfacing as a unique, high quality, recycled surfacing for Russia.

A New Park spokesperson has said: “We decided that we need to showcase Playtop surfacing where we can demonstrate Nike Grind to our potential customers. It’s such a versatile product – at present it is snowing in Moscow, but from this month we are going to start visiting this playground to show Playtop with Nike Grind to our customers!”

The installation at Severnoe Tushino marks the first Playtop with Nike Grind surface ever to be installed in Moscow, and hopefully it’s the first of many!


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