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Non-slip Swimming in Selfoss

26 November 2016

Playtop has recently been used to transform a swimming pool in the Icelandic town of Selfoss – giving grip (and reassurance) in an area previously plagued by accidental slips and falls.

120m2 of Playtop safer surfacing was installed in the popular attraction, which boasts a children’s pool and an 18 metre indoor pool, with a further 25 metre outdoor pool, steam room, sauna and hot and cold tubs.

Kristinn F Sigurharðarson of GÓLFLAUSNIR MALLAND, the Icelandic licensee responsible for supplying and installing Playtop in the province, explains why Selfoss opted to replace slippery floor tiles with Europe’s leading play surface: “One year after being built, the pool had a lot of minor accidents and two serious falls.

“Customers were falling because of slippery tiles (despite the fact that they met slip-resistant standards). The builder contacted our company and asked if we could solve the problem by installing Playtop instead of the tiles.”

After consultation, it was decided to cut the tiles and remove them from all the walkways and the stairs. The drains were also lowered and then the Playtop surfacing was installed and leveled flush with the drainage system and any existing tiles left in place.

The result is a transformed indoor swimming pool with a perimeter of Playtop surfacing that specifically acts to maximise grip and minimise the threat of slips and falls. The surfacing extends up (or down) a nearby flight of stairs and through to the outdoor pool, ensuring a safe transition between swims.

“We never have problems only solutions,” added Kristinn.

Playtop is now available in over 50 countries across five of the world’s seven continents, following their recent expansion into South America, Africa and Australasia.


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