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Safe, sustainable surfacing and shapes for playgrounds and walkways

About Playtop

Playtop Ltd is the UK licensee for the range of Playtop surfacing and shapes including safer surfacing, Playtop Spheres, Playtop Street and the 3D rubber animals range.

Why Choose Playtop? Our Global Appeal

For 40 years Playtop has been leading the way with impact-absorbing play surfacing. It pioneered the use of rubber in wet-pour, went on to become the UK's leading brand and is now installed worldwide in over 50 countries.

Ever since the first installation of Playtop impact-absorbing playground safety surfacing in 1977, the product has maintained its market-leading position by continually upgrading the technical performance while finding ways of remaining competitive.

Over the same period, the company has built up an international network of 45 licensee partners who now market and install the Playtop system around the world.

Technical Standards

Playtop played a key part in setting up the Association of Play Industries (API) in the UK in 1984.

Playtop prides itself on meeting and exceeding minimum standards within the sector and is represented on the Boards of FEPI (Federation of European Play Industry) and SAPCA (Sports and Play Construction Association).

You can read more about our history, our involvement in recycling, the global market for Playtop, our participation in the setting and maintenance of standards, and the success of the Nike Grind project by following the page links below.

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