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Safe, sustainable surfacing and shapes for playgrounds and walkways

Playtop – What thickness?

What Thickness?Safety is the paramount consideration when laying an impact-absorbing surface under play equipment.

Within a distance of less than its own thickness, the protective surface must slow the head of a falling child down to zero without ever exceeding a critical peak rate of deceleration. The surface must deform progressively so that the child’s head is brought to rest safely.

Independent test laboratories have tested Playtop to the new European and American Standards for impact-absorbing surfacing – awarding each standard thickness a Critical Fall Height rating. This represents the maximum approved height of fall from neighbouring play equipment.

Click here to view the certificates.

Although brain injuries are the main concern, the cushioning effect of the resilient material also reduces risk of injuries to backs, shoulders, arms and legs.

The bars in the diagram on the right represent the Critical Fall Height of your play equipment in metres. The required thickness in millimeters of Playtop safer surface is shown in green below the corresponding bar.