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Safe, sustainable surfacing and shapes for playgrounds and walkways

Playtop Walkways - Playtop outdoor safety flooring is the perfect surface for driveways, paths and patios, where comfort, durability, good drainage and slip resistance are paramount.

The surface is also very quiet in use unlike hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete.

In these applications the full impact-absorbing characteristics of Playtop safety flooring are not usually needed, and the surface is normally installed with a 20mm top layer only, making a cost saving.

There is a special Walkway version of Playtop designed specifically for golf clubs. It is used for surfacing both outdoor and indoor areas where spikes are worn, providing a quiet, comfortable, durable surface.

Playtop outdoor surfacing is ideal for use on surfaces where falling over could be particularly dangerous: for example, on paths and patios at hospitals, hospices and homes for the elderly or for children. It is also used in prisons, military establishments and zoos.

At football, rugby and other sports grounds, Playtop is widely used for areas surrounding the pitch. It offers a comfortable warm-up and run-off safety surface, undamaged by studs and easy to clean. It can be supplied in club colours or with sponsors' logos or advertisements. Old Trafford Stadium, home of Manchester United Football Club, and Glasgow Rangers are two of our clients to have installed Playtop outdoor safety surfacing.